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POS (Point-of-sale) or perhaps more correctly POSM (Point-of-sale-materials) are printed materials that enhance the visibility of your product or brand in-store. With POSM you achieve simple and effective branding of your product. It creates a desire to buy and encourages impulse purchases, so that unplanned purchases are put in the basket.

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Creative and functional solutions

In the development of POSM and in our already existing solutions, we have a strong focus on creativity and functionality being given equal weight. Thus we achieve maximum exposure with minimum use of set-up time and of course taking into account the individual store requirements.

2 POS cases that we are extremely proud of

At All Creative we are All About Brand. We empower brands and bring them to life in-store, using innovative and durable displays, packaging and POS solutions. We've gathered a selection of cool solutions below.


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