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POS (Point-of-Sale) or perhaps to be more correct, POSM (Point-of-Sale-Materials), are printed materials that boost the visibility of your product or brand in the store. With POSM, you achieve simple and effective branding of your product. It creates a desire to purchase and encourages impulse purchases so that unplanned items are placed in the shopping basket.

Creative and functional solutions

In the development of POSM and in our already existing solutions, we have significant focus on the equal weighting of creativity and functionality. In doing so, we achieve maximum exposure with minimum use of setting-up time and, of course, taking into consideration the individual store’s requirements.

There are many options.

POSM span across a broad range of elements: Cubes, standees, signs, floor foil, wobblers, postboxes, ellipses and much more. The elements are often placed together with one or more displays or by the products on the shelves. With POSM, creativity can run free. There are plenty of options to create a good experience in the store.